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ARISA connects the fields of industry and research by providing a platform to exchange expertise. We collaborate with Associated Partners to constantly improve the quality of our work and answer Europe’s growing demand for skilled employees within Artificial Intelligence.

Key values

Innovative education

Support employers and training providers to offer innovative formal and non-formal learning pathways to gain in-demand, future-proof skills that are important in AI-related professions.


Ensure that employees, job seekers, business leaders, and policymakers understand the fundamentals or technical specificities of AI to drive, collaborate on, or contribute to AI-based solutions that are inclusive and human-centred.


Create a lasting partnership of education, industry, and policy actors to open the EU to new opportunities powered by AI-enabled solutions.

How to become a partner

You can become an ARISA Associated Partner by expressing your interest, on behalf of your organisation, via our online form below and by agreeing with our Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC). If needed, we will get in touch with you to confirm and discuss your contribution as an Associated Partner in more detail.

Become a partner

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