Business leader

ARISA explains Artificial Intelligence (AI) and provides up-to-date learning tools to allow organisations to be more competitive and future-oriented.

Increasing AI knowledge among businesses

To take advantage of what AI has to offer – from process automation, to productivity improvement, to talent and business development — European businesses need more AI-skilled individuals. 

ARISA will support and provide guidance to business and tech leaders to: 

  • Increase AI adoption within organisations and bolster growth
  • Attract, manage, and retain AI-skilled professionals
  • Make sure AI-based solutions are secure, trustworthy, and inclusive

With ARISA, business leaders will be able to support the development and deployment of AI in Europe, and become a part of a forward-looking community. 

Up-to-date learning tools to enhance competitiveness

Today’s leaders need to understand the market opportunities of AI within their sector to determine the most effective route to market.

ARISA will help you build an effective organisational culture to successfully embrace AI, promoting an entrepreneurship mindset that leads to market-winning solutions.

We recognise the need to assist business and technology leaders in understanding how to best position AI within their organisations for economic and social gain.

We want to serve as a platform for cooperation and dialogue, allowing business representatives to exchange their best practices in the areas of digital transformation, development strategies, and digital skills.