The Artificial Intelligence Skills Alliance (ARISA) opens up to give you the opportunity to engage and contribute to its work as an ARISA Associated Partner. This special status will allow you to be part of different project work streams and to build long-term cooperation supporting the project goals and shaping the future of AI skills.

Who can become an ARISA Associated Partner?

ARISA welcomes all organisations that work towards a skilled and future-ready workforce in Europe and their activities align with the ARISA objectives, having a clear focus (or a track record) on skilling, upskilling or reskilling in the area of Artificial Intelligence and/or connected disciplines.

Learning providers, accreditation and certification providers, social partners, chambers of commerce, and associations — the success of AI skills development requires the participation of diverse stakeholders.

By becoming an ARISA Associated Partner, your organisation gains access to a vibrant network that fosters knowledge exchange, collaboration, and the collective pursuit of excellence in AI skills development. 

Why become an ARISA Associated Partner?

ARISA is on a mission to develop a sectoral skills strategy on Artificial Intelligence that will have a profound impact on reducing skills shortages, gaps, and mismatches. As an Associated Partner, your organisation can contribute to this collective effort, ensuring the availability of quality AI skills that meet industry demand. 

You can choose to directly contribute to ARISA’s undertakings, offer your time and expertise to assess our outputs or lend a hand in promoting our activities. Our collaboration can assume various forms, and we are continually open to exploring new prospects.

What we offer

Meaningful contribution

ARISA has several work strands in which your organisation can actively participate. By sharing your time and know-how, you can contribute directly to shaping the future of AI skills.  

Early Access to Knowledge

Gain a competitive edge by accessing first-hand information and knowledge produced by ARISA. As an Associated Partner, you will receive pre-release access to reports, research findings, and training material before they are made public.  

Enhanced Visibility

Increase your organisation’s visibility and showcase your commitment to AI skills development. As an Associated Partner, your organisation’s logo will be featured on the ARISA website. 

Networking and Capacity Building

Forge connections and strengthen collaborations within the AI community. ARISA facilitates regular online meetings where you can engage with other Associated Partners, sharing experiences and best practices, and discussing the latest developments in the field. Expand your professional network and seize opportunities for future partnerships. 

Thought Leadership Opportunities

Position your organisation as a thought leader in the AI domain. ARISA offers an exclusive opportunity for your representative to shape and participate in an event session. Additionally, you can contribute an opinion piece to be published on the ARISA blog, showcasing your organisation’s work related to AI skills. 

Amplify Your Reach

Leverage the ARISA Media Kit to effectively promote the Alliance and your involvement. Access a suite of marketing materials, including logos, images, and key messages, designed to support your communication efforts.

Choose your level of contribution

ARISA offers you the flexibility to choose where to contribute so it aligns better with your organisation’s goals.

ARISA Work Strands

  1. Europe’s AI skills insights: collect (national) data on AI skills trends and gaps following ARISA’s methodology for the regular update of the AI skills needs analysis.
  2. Sectoral cooperation on the European AI Skills Strategy: participate in the ARISA national and/or European expert groups for the regular update of the European AI Skills Strategy.  
  3. ARISA Curriculum development: support shaping the AI-related roles’ skills requirements into educational terms and contribute to the development of the ARISA AI skills “core” curricula  
  4. Application of ARISA Training Programmes and Methodologies: pilot and test ARISA learning programmes or courses.  
  5. Outreach and Engagement: participate in strategic communication campaigns, events, and collaborative initiatives to engage the national and European AI skills ecosystem.  

How to become a partner

You can become an ARISA Associated Partner by expressing your interest, on behalf of your organisation, via our online form below and by agreeing with our Memorandum of Understanding (MoU).

If needed, we will get in touch with you to confirm and discuss your contribution as an Associated Partner in more detail.

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