Learning Provider

With ARISA, it becomes easier to update or create learning programmes to fit both present and future demands for AI-related roles.

Tangible opportunity to provide innovative courses

Through the design of curricula and learning programmes, ARISA aims to facilitate rapid upskilling and reskilling in AI-related professions.

  • Courses developed in the scope of ARISA bring a tangible opportunity to provide innovation and added value to learners
  • Short-term learning programmes facilitate the fast transition into AI-related jobs

ARISA wants to collaborate with learning providers and validation organisations to ensure that curricula, programmes, and courses focusing on AI skills can be used across the EU.

International cooperation is key to adjusting AI programmes to the different European markets.

Answering the skills needs of four occupational domains

Learning programmes developed throughout the project will cater for the skills needs under four occupational domains — business leader, technology leader, technology practitioner, and policymaker.

This project will create curricula and learning programmes for ARISA-specific professional roles, defined by the current and emerging demand of the labour market and in alignment with the European ICT professional competence standards like e-CF and ESCO. 

The curricula and learning programmes will cover different EQF (European Qualifications Framework) levels; including 3-8.

AI learning programmes for Europe

The findings of the AI skills strategy will be leveraged to develop the ARISA curricula and learning programmes. ARISA will provide a reactive response to the adaptation of existing learning programmes focusing on AI-related roles.