ARISA provides up-to-date, trustworthy insights on AI, which are essential for policymakers to shape inclusive and forward-looking policies.

An Artificial Intelligence Skills Strategy for Europe

We want to bring a human-centric and socially-driven AI to the EU market. ARIS helps translate the policy around AI, making it real and applicable. Our goal is to provide policymakers with the relevant level of AI skills to promote the development and deployment of AI technologies while considering issues such as privacy, bias, and trust. 

ARISA aims to formulate an agile AI Skills Strategy for Europe that will respond to both short-term and long-term strategic needs of the stakeholders:

  • To develop the strategy, we will analyse best practices in the areas of skills development strategies, digital transformation, education projects, and digital skills partnerships
  • The report of this analysis will cover best practices from at least 8 EU countries and reflect regional diversity. We will set a framework for sectoral cooperation and outline actions to address skill mismatches

Long-term sustainability

Our goal is to ensure that the results of ARISA are developed and implemented in a way that will allow for their extensive use beyond the end of the project. We aim at setting-up, managing and enlarging a Pact for Skills community on Artificial Intelligence

We want to initiate a community for collaboration, discussion, and knowledge exchange to integrate all stakeholders’ expertise in a horizontal way.