Professional / job seeker

ARISA supports you in acquiring in-demand AI skills to enhance your CV, transition to your desired role, or simply widen your knowledge.

Gain in-demand AI skills that will make you stand out on the job market

Artificial Intelligence (AI), with automation, is often linked to the common fear that it will take some jobs away from humans. But, AI has the potential to create tens of thousands of new job opportunities.

Having completed a comprehensive course on AI will help you stand out to employers, especially those seeking ICT experts and candidates for AI-related roles. It can help you reach your career development goals, or support you in transitioning to other in-demand roles.

Facilitating the transition to AI-related roles

One of ARISA’s goals is to develop EU and national guiding tools for employees, job seekers, and students to: 

  • Help you search for AI-related roles and identify your skills gaps
  • Support you in finding learning opportunities and making informed career choices
  • Achieve the learning outcomes you need to occupy AI-related positions

AI skills are not only for IT professionals

AI is already present in our daily lives. The sooner we understand AI and the more we know about it, the better we are able to implement and make use of it. AI is a transversal technology, whose understanding is needed across all sectors. 

Having the right skills and knowledge will help you progress in your career.