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Analysis of relevant practices and initiatives

Skills Intelligence
ARISA fast-tracks AI upskilling and reskilling

Mapping relevant practices and defining transferrable elements in digital skills development strategies and initiatives

This report analyses a wide range of relevant initiatives on digital skills and AI skills from EU countries and beyond with the main aim of identifying what could be the success factors of the identified initiatives and what are the transferable elements to the European AI Skills Strategy.

The outcomes of this in-depth analysis of relevant practices, initiatives and projects complement the conclusions of the AI Skills Needs Analysis report and the AI upskilling and reskilling: Key priorities & enablers report to inform the further development of the European AI Skills Strategy.

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Skilling, upskilling, and reskilling the EU’s workforce is key to tackling the current — and future — challenges of the digital era. If you want to learn more about ARISA, check us on LinkedIn and Twitter to know what’s in the pipeline and download the project presentation.