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­­Shaping the Future: Unveiling the AI Skills Strategy for Europe

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As the AI field continues to evolve, Europe’s key to staying in the spotlight and being at the forefront of innovation lies in AI-skilled human capital. Bridging the AI skills gap, retaining talent and addressing the diversification of AI profiles remain critical challenges. The AI Skills Strategy for Europe aims to not only address these challenges, but also pave the way for a comprehensive, adaptive, and inclusive AI education landscape. 

Enabling Excellence in AI Skills

 The vision of ARISA is clear: Strive for Europe to have a resilient AI skills foundation for a diverse range of AI professionals, policymakers, and decision-makers. The primary goal of the AI Skills Strategy is to make a systemic and structural impact on reducing skills shortages, gaps, and mismatches. The strategy caters to the educational needs of AI professionals, decision-makers, and policymakers, addressing the escalating demand for AI-related roles. 

With a clear and focused approach, the strategy targets four domains of professional roles: AI practitioners, AI management & support, organizational decision-makers, and policymakers. By recognizing and addressing the diverse needs within the AI ecosystem, the strategy aims to build a foundation that aligns skills development with the dynamic field of AI. 

Driving innovation and collaboration: step-by-step approach 

The Strategy builds upon the 2023 AI Skills Needs Analysis, a pivotal study that pinpointed critical skills gaps. Highlighting the pressing need for fundamental AI knowledge among decision-makers and policymakers, the Needs Analysis laid the groundwork. The Strategy takes a step further, delving deeper into this imperative issue.  

The Strategy comprises seven strategic objectives, which reflect a dynamic approach to the evolving AI landscape, ensuring Europe remains at the forefront of AI expertise. 

AI Skills Strategy for Europe: Strategic Objectives 

As a living document, the AI Skills Strategy for Europe is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the AI Skills Alliance. Together, they aspire to shape a resilient AI skills foundation for Europe’s future, ensuring the continent remains a driving force in the global AI landscape. 

Following the release of the AI Skills Strategy, the ARISA partners are embarking on the exciting next steps in the project’s journey: developing AI skills curricula and learning programmes, which, at a later stage, will be piloted by the project’s partners across Europe. Throughout every phase, the AI Skills Alliance will emphasize innovation, inclusivity, and ethics.  

For a deeper dive into the AI Skills Strategy for Europe, explore the full document here