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AI Skills Strategy for Europe

Skills Intelligence
ARISA fast-tracks AI upskilling and reskilling

A strategic roadmap to reducing AI skills shortages, gaps and mismatches

Europe’s AI landscape blends academic excellence, thriving start-ups, and government initiatives, yet challenges persist in retaining talent and fostering diverse AI profiles. To address these challenges, ARISA launched the AI Skills Strategy for Europe, built on the 2023 AI Skills Needs Analysis, best practices analysis, and insights from stakeholders.

This dynamic document, subject to annual updates, aims to build a resilient foundation for Europe’s AI future. The Strategy serves as a stepping stone for developing AI educational and training activities in Europe, in an innovative, inclusive and ethical way.
Download the full AI Skills Strategy or opt for the Executive Summary for a quick overview.

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Skilling, upskilling, and reskilling the EU’s workforce is key to tackling the current — and future — challenges of the digital era. If you want to learn more about ARISA, check us on LinkedIn and X, and subscribe to our newsletter.