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ARISA launches the AI Skills Strategy for Europe

Project News

PRESS RELEASE / 23 Jan 2024

As the field of Artificial Intelligence experiences unprecedented growth, the demand for skilled professionals in this field is also on the rise. Recognising this upward trend, the European Artificial Intelligence Skills Alliance (ARISA) has unveiled an innovative strategy aimed at addressing this surging demand and mitigating the skills gaps and mismatches in the AI landscape across Europe.

The key objective of the AI Skills Strategy for Europe is to deliver systemic and structural impact on reducing skills shortages, gaps, and mismatches, so ensuring a high standard and diverse skillset among a broad spectrum of stakeholders. The strategy lays the foundation for the advancement of AI educational and training initiatives throughout Europe, emphasizing innovation, inclusivity, and ethical considerations.

The Strategy acknowledges the diverse needs of various stakeholders within the AI ecosystem:

  • For AI professionals, such as data scientists, machine learning engineers, and AI strategists, the Strategy defines specific technical knowledge and skills requirements that align with their roles.
  • For non-AI professionals, including organizational decision-makers and policymakers, it addresses the need to possess fundamental AI knowledge and skills.   

The Strategy sets clear goals for fast-tracking AI skills development across Europe. It focuses on aligning educational offerings with industry needs by developing flexible, modular AI skills learning programs. The approach encompasses collaborative learning in an AI skills community, sustainable promotion of AI awareness, and fostering dialogue on ethical, inclusive, and human-centered AI. ARISA aims to actively identify and advocate for funding opportunities and provide capacity building to engage key stakeholders within national and local communities.

ARISA invites all organisations that share the mission of bringing more AI skills to Europe to become Associated Partners of the Alliance.