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ARISA Newsletter: February 2024

Project News


How to position Europe at the forefront of AI development? Addressing the growing demand for AI skills is crucial. Our recently published AI Skills Strategy for Europe presents concrete solutions to bridge the AI skills gap, retain talent and ensure diversification of AI profiles.

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AI Skills Female Champions

In the realm of Artificial Intelligence, there are numerous female champions whose groundbreaking work has shaped the landscape of AI research and technology. Let’s take a look at some remarkable women in the AI field and appreciate their achievements. Read more.


Our 2023 AI Skills Needs Analysis report underscored the pressing demand for AI upskilling programs among two key groups: organisational decision-makers and policymakers. This year, we’re taking action. In March, we’ll host the first workshop for decision-makers, followed by one for policymakers in April (stay tuned for details). Rest assured, we’ll share the workshop outcomes to amplify our impact!



  • AI Skills Strategy for Europe. This dynamic document, subject to annual updates, aims to build a resilient foundation for Europe’s AI future. The Strategy serves as a stepping stone for developing AI educational and training activities in Europe, in an innovative, inclusive and ethical way.
  • AI Skills Strategy for Europe: Executive Summary. For a quick overview of the AI Skills Strategy for Europe, have a look at a shorter Executive Summary.
  • Europe’s Most Needed AI Skills and Roles. The 2023 AI Skills Needs Analysis report sheds light on the most needed AI roles and skills in Europe. The conclusions are drawn based on the study of job vacancies, labour market survey reports, available research on AI roles and skills, learning programmes, and databases.

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